good stuff happens, part 3 -- abstract7

In August, 2018, I was invited to join a group of South Bay artists called abstract7. That’s “abstract” with a lower case “a”. There is another group with the same name, but with a capital “A” and they are based in Britain, I think. Quite an unfortunate coincidence and source of confusion, I must say.

Anyway, this lowercase abstract7 group only had six members because one member had dropped out.

They happened to see a photo of my work in the Silicon Valley Open Studios catalog and thought I would be a good fit. So I became the 7th member, joining Donna Orme, James Ong, Gloria Huet, Marjorie Law, Yao-pi Hsu and Sydell Lewis.

We are now in a group show at the Danville Village Theater and Art Gallery. Through March 2. 2019.

Come by and check it out!